In the Cafeteria

1) Open Exploration

Duplo blox and playdough fun for all ages.

2) Bee + Team

Microscopic examination of bees and wasps. Bee and wasp identification and coloring.

3) PSU Applied Coastal Ecology Lab

Learn about plastics and micro plastics in the ocean.—-and-our-clothing-partly-blame-psu-study-finds

4) PSU Glaciers Lab

Glaciers: How they move and are affected by the warming climate using Flubber.

5) Northwest Noggin

Brains and Art: Examine real human and other animal brains; build your own brain cells.

6) Oregon DEQ

Explore a watershed model to explore water quality and a button making station.

7) Portland Water Bureau

Test your knowledge about the distribution of fresh water throughout the world.

8) Photo Booth

Strike a pose with friends and snap a photo to take home at the science photo booth.


In the Gym

9) Electromagnetism

Build your own battery powered electromagnet.

10) Room 3 STEAM Team

Stick bridge and tower building with your enthusiastic guides from Ms. Dana’s 1st grade class.

11) REED Engineering

Engineering challenge with the REED College science team.

12) Mr. Post’s Catapults

We will demonstrate 2 or 3 mini catapults we made in Room 7 and show you how to make them. Booklets with instructions will be provided.

13) Cleveland HS Pigmice Robotics Team

CHS students demonstrate robots they designed and created for the FIRST Robotics Competition.

14) PSU Agile and Adaptive Robotics Lab

Our lab is interested in uncovering mechanisms of how animals achieve agile and adaptive control and applying these discoveries across a variety of fields. We will be showing off some of our 3D printed robot parts, have a robot arm that students can control and be projecting some videos of our robots.

15) American Society of Civil Engineers – Portland State University

Civil engineering design challenge and earthquake simulation shake table.

16) Wildlife + Thermal Imaging

See a colorful new side of wildlife using thermal imaging cameras.

17) 4th Grade Salmon Experts

Stump the salmon experts – ask a question of the 4th grade salmon experts, get a prize.  Take home a coloring page about the life cycle of a salmon.

18) Johnson Creek Watershed Council

Come learn about the watershed you live in and the salmon that call it home. Interactive family friendly salmon toss and swim like a salmon area.